Ganesh Festival 

Keeping in mind the importance of environmental protection, the Grahak Peth sells only 'Shaadu' idols mainly for household purposes. The sale this year crossed 3600. Also, different displays (such as Elephant, Train, Bungalow, Gateway of India etc) are put up every year, using biscuits whose expiry date is already over. In this endeavor, full cooperation is extended by well-known biscuit manufacturers, M/s Parle Products. The Grahak Peth celebrates the Ganesh Festival over the entire 10 days. The Grahak Peth participates in the common Immersion procession. In addition to immersing its Ganesh idols in the specially provided tanks, the Grahak Peth individually advises the customers to do likewise.

The immersion procession in which the staff of Grahak Peth, along with Jnana Prabodhini 'Dhol-Tasha Group', enthusiastically participates is characterized by the use of only traditional Indian musical instruments. Grahak Peth encourages only the conventional procession with traditional musical instruments (without any electronic sound- magnifying equipment, DJ etc). This is with a view to avoiding noise pollution. Grahak Peth has been awarded Second Prize for disciplined and orderly procession.