The board of this institution comprises 15 members

a) Representative of individual members of which two will be a woman. One belonging to scheduled caste and One belonging to weaker section from amongst the shareholders 10 members.
b) Representative of member consumers societies and members. Organized consumer group two members.
c) Two representative from staff 2 members.
d) Managing Director 1member.
Members Total 15
It meets frequently to discuss matters of concern to the Grahak Peth and takes the appropriate decisions thereon. The Society has constituted an executive committee of 6 directors including the managing director. It gives directions on all aspects of the business, The Society also has separate staff and purchase committees consisting of 5 directors each: Staff Committee decides matters concerning staff and staff welfare; Purchase Committee decides the purchase policies and gives directions in that behalf.
All these committees include Chairman, Vice Chairman and Managing Director and two Directors. Every committee meets on second and fourth Thursday every month and the Board of Directors meets on every third Saturday. In addition to this, to streamline the working of all sections in the store as also to ensure better coordination, one Director has been nominated to each department.
This has benefitted in establishing a good affinity between the employees and the Board. The unique feature of this store is that once a month, they hold a meeting of staff in which individual problems are discussed and solutions found. It is termed as the 'Family Meet'. The response of the staff for such type of innovations is encouraging.

 Mr. Kulkarni Sanjay  Chairman
 Mrs. Bhide Sandhya
 Mr. Sabde B.R  Director
 Mr. Deswandikar Vishwas  Director
Mr. Devasthale Ajay    Director
 Mr. Phadke Ulhas  Director
 Smt. Gokhale Sunanda  Director
 Mr. Joshi Mahesh  Director
 Mr. Gondkar Ramesh  Director
 Mr. Nagare Madhukar  Director
 Mr. Dalvi Ananta  Director
 Mr. Lokhande Parimal  Director
 Mrs. Kanade Gauri  Staff Representative
 Mr. Gunjal Kiran  Staff Representative
Mr. Pathak Suryakant
 Managing Direct